Obedience Training 1



At 8 weeks old, Obedience Training 1 for puppies is an important addition when buying a Kraftwerk K9 puppy. We offer world-class, positively-reinforced training that last 4 weeks. It is important at a young age that a puppy has a solid foundation of commands and is ready to learn more as they grow older.

Obedience Training 1, a puppy will learn the following:

Week 1: Initial Associations & Foundation Building

  • Treat Association and knowing where to get the treat
    • This allows the puppy to know that they receive payment from the handler and nowhere else.
  • Learn how to respond to a leash
    • Have the puppy become accustomed to the weight of a leash and understand that whoever holds the leash is in control.
  • Name association
    • The puppy is able to understand that their name is wha they should respond to.

Week 2: Command Training

  • Sit and Recall Training
  • Down Training
  • Teaching the meaning of “No” 

Week 3: Acclimation Training

  • Acclimating with an indoor environment
  • Crate/Kennel Training
  • Vehicle Familiarization 
  • Hygiene Acclimation

Week 4: Drive Building & Preparing A Solid Foundation for OB2 

  • Bite Drive
  • Reinforcing what they have learned so far