Available Certified Trained German Shepherds

The best internationally licensed protection dogs in America! Proven to have great social skills along with steadfast performance in every situation. 

It’s easy to state that a German Shepherd is trained. It’s much harder to take the leash off in front of a licensed judge and spectators and do what is necessary to achieve world recognized performance dog titles. All of our dogs come directly from Germany after they have achieved them. They have the highest certifications along with top ratings concerning hips and elbows and overall health. Temperament evaluation and certification guaranteeing that they are active when they are required to be active and calm when it’s time to be calm. Safe and sure, relaxed in public environments along with natural steady character around children and other animals must be shown in order to pass this strict testing. It is only after this has been achieved that protection training will be authorized and allowed. Temperament comes first!


German Shepherds: Family Protection Dogs Available

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, loyal, and physically gifted animals, making them an ideal candidate for your next family protection dog. Kraftwerk K9 offers world-class obedience training programs that teach everything from basic fundamentals every puppy should know to custom-tailored commands for home protection.

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