Show Classifications and Ratings

The following information includes abbreviations and definitions used in competitions and shows for German Shepherd dogs. Show ratings are designations awarded at the show events.

Show Classifications:


BundesSiegerZuchtSchau = National Breed Show


BundesSiegerPrufung = National Working Trial


Regional Show Or Working Trial


BundesLeistungsHuten = National Herding Trial

Show Ratings:

Vorzuglich Auslese (VA) – Excellent Select

Classification given only to ideal GSDs at a certified Sieger show.

Vorzuglich (V) – Excellent

Classification given to outstanding GSDs with exemplary dentitions and strong character

Sehr Gut (SG) – Very Good

Highest classification given to GSDs under 24 months of age, or dogs of outstanding merit missing a bicuspid (premolar).

Gut (G) – Good

Classification given to typical or average graded GSds

Ausreichend (A) – Satisfactory

Classification given to GSDs that are slightly below average.

Mangelhaft (M)– Poor

Classification given to dogs of poor quality but passable character

Ungenugend (U) – Unsatisfactory

Classification given to dogs with serious character flaws, ungradable.


1st Place Champion Male of National Show


1st Place Champion Female of the National Show

Angehort- Breed surveyed (recommended for breeding)

Koerklasse (KKL)

A KKL certifies that every dog in the pedigree has earned a breed survey, which deems the dog especially recommended for breeding. In order to get the KKL, the dog must have certified hips and elbows, a BH temperament and competition degree, a conformation show title, as well as a working title (IGP).

Hip Ratings

(“a normal”)(A1) Normal=OFA Excellent to OFA Good
(“a fast normal”)(A2) Nearly Normal=OFA Good to OFA Fair
(“noch zugelassen”)(A3) Mild Hip Dysplasia-Only OFAs Occasionally

* – This symbol before a dog’s name means it has been appraised and approved for breeding.

a – This symbol denotes that a dog’s hips have been x-rayed and certified as acceptable for breeding. Required for Breed survey.