Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to bringing a new dog home?

Please read our detailed ownership transfer process page

Why don't you offer delivery and acclimation services for your trained dogs?

We believe that if a dog is truly fully trained, there is no need for the presence of an experienced trainer.

Will you agree to deliver and help with the acclimation process if requested?

Of course we can, however additional fees will apply.

What is the average starting price of the trained adult dogs for sale?

Most dogs we offer for sale are German imports with training degrees. The adult dogs with training normally start at $18,000.

What amount is the deposit that you require to hold a puppy until it is old enough to leave the litter?

Standard deposit is 25% of the purchase price. Pick of puppies is determined by who sends in deposits first.

What is the procedure to purchase a puppy from your kennel?

First step is to complete the online purchase agreement stating the litter and sex desired.

What is the average price for one of your puppies?

All of our puppies are $6,500. Sometimes more when they are bred outside the United States.

What happens to our deposit if we change our mind about buying a dog?

The 25% deposit is a promise or “good faith” commitment to complete the sale. It is considered a re-stock fee if the buyer decides not to complete the sale.

Can we apply our deposit to another dog or pup at a later date?

Yes, sometimes circumstances change and it is not the best time to bring a new dog into the family. Deposits towards puppies must be applied towards another puppy. Adult dog deposits must be applied towards the purchase of another adult dog.

How much notice is required in order to transfer the deposit to another litter?

After the pups are six weeks old, the deposit is not transferable.

How are the dogs delivered to the new owners?

We send the dogs using the airline pet priority service. They are the last on the plane and first off.

Where do we pick up our new dog?

Normally you will go to the cargo department for pickup, separate from the terminal.

What is the typical freight charge for delivery of puppies and adults?

Freight charges for delivery of puppies is between $200 and $500, average cost for adults is $600. Airline approved kennels are between $100 and $200.

Do we pay the freight charges to you or the airline?

Most often the dog can be sent freight collect so you can pay the airline directly.

What happens to our deposit if there is not enough puppies born in the litter and we are unable to receive a puppy?

We accept three deposits each for males and females but exactly how many will be born is out of our control. The deposit is transferable to another litter of your choice. It is not refundable as we schedule breedings depending on how many deposits we are holding.

How soon after we pay for the dog can we expect delivery?

Once a puppy is 8 weeks old and within 24-48 hours after final payment has been received, the puppy will be sent via Air Cargo and will arrive in around 1-2 days. (Total delivery time, once final payment is received, is around 4 days.)

When is full payment expected when the puppy is enrolled in a training program?

Full payment for the puppy needs to be completed prior to delivery or training beginning at 8 weeks old. Cost of training shall be paid prior to delivery of the dog.

If we put down a deposit, how long will you hold the dog?

We can care for the dog for 14 days free of charge after the purchase date. The dog must be paid for in full by the end of 14 days and delivery scheduled or the dog will become available for sale. Buyer will be subject to the re-stock fee. Starting on the 15th day, there is a $45 boarding fee per night.

Are the trained adult dogs sent the same way as the puppies?

Yes, they are shipped to the new owners by air cargo.

What kind of handling instructions come with the trained dogs?

Prior to sending the dog, we will email or mail guidelines outlining what the new owners can expect. Along with a stream-able video of obedience for 8-12 weeks.

We have never bought a trained dog before. Do we need to come to your kennel and learn how to work with the dog?

We sell trained dogs that are titled under recognized certified judges. A truly well-trained dog does not need an experienced handler in order to perform what he has previously learned.

Why don't you offer trainers to accompany the dog and help the new owners train him?

An experienced dog handler can make a marginally trained dog look better than what it actually is. It is more important that the new owner can get the results expected, not only what the dog can do while the trainer is there.

Do you offer tours of the facility?

Yes, our kennel tours are scheduled by appointment. One of the staff members will be able to guide visitors around the facility after 9am.