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A New Breed of Guard Dogs! A New Breed of Guard Dogs!

The true mission of Kraftwerk K9!

German Shepherd Dogs: 122 Years of Excellence Senior English Essay by Mackenzie Seely

"Utility and intelligence." These two characteristics were at the forefront of Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz's mind when he began his search for the prime German herding dog. Years later, his German Shepherds are still prized for both

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The Best Working Dog is also the Best Family Pet

Dogs are in many ways like people with the same emotions and attitudes. This is why we can easily identify with them. There are many individual personality types of people. Those that are high strung, restless and never settled. Others are at the opposite end of the scale, they do not get excited about much of anything and can actually be rather boring. Dogs can be categorized the same way.

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10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a German Shepherd Puppy

The German Shepherd is one of the world’s most recognizable breeds that is loved for its trainability and high intelligence.

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Kraftwerk K9 Offers Some of the Best-Trained German Shepherds in The World The Daily Chronicle

Wayne Curry, one of the Top Dog Trainers in the U.S., sells German Shepherds trained in protection, obedience and tracking.

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Kraftwerk K9 E/Mercedes Benz

There’s an old adage that says dogs are a man’s best friend. But over the course of my life, I’ve learned this is a bit of an over generalization. In fact, I have three inch scar over my left eye – the remnant of a dog bite from when I was a child. Needless to say, this dog wasn’t my best friend, nor was he my friend at all.…

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The Seattle K-9 Team is Hoping to Win the Title of ‘America’s Top Dog’ on the New A&E Series The Seattle Times

Seattle Police Department dog Pele regularly nabs robbers red-handed, but can she chase down the title of “America’s Top Dog” in A&E’s new reality show?

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Kraftwerk K9: Breeding & Training Guns & Tactics

When I first drove up to the Kraftwerk K9 facility I was greeted by a closed gate. On it hung a phone number, and beyond it stood two imposing German Shepherds who communicated clearly that they knew I was a stranger. They weren’t vicious or particularly aggressive, but they exuded a certain ‘standing-their-ground’ confidence and presence that convinced me I would never want to jump one of these fences…

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Kraftwerk K9: Concealment in Plain Sight Guns & Tactics

About half way through my day at the Kraftwerk K9 training facility I began to realize just how versatile these dogs are and the variety of situations they could be incorporated into. I asked Wayne Curry, owner of Kraftwerk K9, about the various applications where these dogs are currently being used and other possibilities where they could be. It quickly became apparent to me that the limits…

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Kraftwerk K9: Family Protection Dogs Guns & Tactics

In this four-part article series I will share the story of my visit to Kraftwerk K9, the function and benefit these dogs offer individuals and families, how these German Shepherds are molded and trained for their role, and will conclude with the story of my family bringing one into our home.

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Kraftwerk K9 German Shepherd Demonstration at Chris Evert Pro Celebrity Tennis Classic

Chris Evert / Raymond James Protection Dog Demonstration performing at the Chris Evert/Raymond James Tennis Pro-Classic held in Delray Beach Florida, Wayne Curry from Kraftwerk K9 and his world famous protection dog, Rudy with the assistance of former Marine K9 Handler, Anthony Akers demonstrate a pronounced test of courage along with superior obedience skills in center court. Oruger the Boom vom Kraftwerk, aka”Rudy” is everything a german shepherd should be! Special thanks to our other team members Leila Curry, Ray and Lisa Torrence, Chuck and Terri Ecklund for the support to make this event a great success.

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Dumb and Dumpy – Can the German Shepherd Be Saved Der Spiegel Magazine

Once an icon, bad breeding has earned the German Shepherd a reputation for being sickly and dimwitted. In Germany, police have replaced them with more aggressive Malinois. But one American breeder is trying to bring classic German Shepherds back.

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TV Channel Q13 Fox News at Kraftwerk K9 Q13 Fox News

Fox news reporter Jon Hopperstad visits Kraftwerk K9 and interviews Wayne Curry.

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Afternoons with Jessie Mulligan Radio New Zealand

More and more wealthy Americans are looking for protection dogs that can cost upwards of US$200,000. These dogs are bred and trained for their intelligence, ferocity and ability to fit in with families. Wayne Curry is the owner of Kraftwerk K9.

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For The Executive With Everything, A $230,000 Dog to Protect It New York Times

When she costs $230,000, as Julia did, the preferred title is “executive protection dog.” This 3-year-old German shepherd, who commutes by private jet between a Minnesota estate and a home in Arizona, belongs to a canine caste that combines exalted pedigree, child-friendly cuddliness and arm-lacerating ferocity.

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