About Us

Kraftwerk K9 founder Wayne Curry, is the only breeder in history to send dogs back to Germany to compete. Never before in history have any American bred dogs been able to qualify and compete in Germany and….Kraftwerk K9 Dogs don’t just compete – they win!

The Team

The Facility

A Kennel is Born

When he began his breeding program, Wayne wanted a “brand name” to identify the Schutzhund capable dogs he was working so hard to develop. He chose the name Kraftwerk K9 to fulfill this role. The name is a combination of two words from the German dictionary. As “kraftig” means power and “werk” means work, the name Kraftwerk perfectly defines the fundamental principles of Wayne’s breeding program.

The property on which the Kraftwerk K9 kennels are located, was found by Wayne while he was on the way to a farmer’s field to practice tracking with his dog. It was a five-acre parcel of young Christmas trees and nothing else. After purchasing the property, Wayne found a used manufactured home and had it placed on the land. Wayne and his friend, a deputy sheriff, then built the first four kennels.

To get started, Wayne filled the four kennels with dogs from the animal rescue shelter and anyone else who needed their dog trained.

The demand for well-trained dogs was very high. Subsequently four more kennels were built. Later another addition to house another 12 dogs in the main building was added along with a front office area. At this point Wayne wanted to create the ideal kennel for his dogs.

A Natural Environment

Through observation he had noticed that a concrete ring around the perimeter was the main area used by the dogs and the inside was used to relieve themselves. Utilizing his observations, Wayne designed four kennels around the Christmas trees in order to provide shade and privacy for every dog. These kennels were very successful so Wayne has continued to add kennels within the trees annually. The land surrounding the original property was acquired one five-acre section at a time. Training fields, houses for managers and trainers were added helping to create the twenty-five acre state of the art training and breeding facility that it is today.

Kraftwerk employs a staff of around twelve full-time people year round who are actively engaged and devoted to the dogs and puppies. The german shepherds from Kraftwerk K9 are sold to families, police K-9 departments, Schutzhund handlers and other working sport homes as well as high profile individuals with security concerns.

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