Trained German Shepherd Puppies

All our trained German Shepherd puppies are born, raised, and taught here using positive motivational techniques designed to create and shape desired behavior. Whatever is learned using positive reinforcement at a very young age is nearly impossible to change.  Learning how to learn comes first. With time and repetition in short sessions done several times daily will create reliable desire to continue to respond to each command given. Whatever is rewarded will be repeated.

As our German Shepherds mature, they are introduced to distractions.  This happens once they have learned how to respond to the basic commands of sit, down, come, stay and the meaning of no means stop. While young, all behavior is shaped in the same environment creating anticipated response related to where they are at. Once reliable in one place, then they are taken to many different locations and are expected to behave the same way to each and every command.

Positive behavior is rewarded with food association while young as it has the most meaning then. As they mature food does not matter as much as physical contact. We encourage the drive to play with toys developing which is commonly called play drive. True desire to perform so work equals play.  All our trained German Shepherd puppies know clearly what their handler says needs to be done and will come first.  Distractions are introduced so that corrections to stop undesirable behavior will have been done.  Basically, they will have learned at this age what to do and what not to do in every situation. The older the puppies are the more experience they have and the more reliable they are.

Puppy Training Videos

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