We have a large family with 5 kids ranging from 10 to newborn. We wanted a well-trained dog as protection and a good trustworthy family pet. Mr. Curry recommended a dog for us and he absolutely nailed it. The certified route was the move and we are pleased we did it. In just 24 hours our new family member has adjusted to our lifestyle and already fits in with our other dog. The kids love playing with him and he even responds to their commands. He’s very calm inside and knows his job outside. We are very pleased! Thank you Mr. Curry and your wonderful Kraftwerk team!

- Steven K. | March 15, 2024

Our experiences with Kraftwerk K9 have been over 15 years in the making. They not only took the time to help us find the right dog, but supported us through the transition of losing our other Kraftwerk dog. And they continue to support us. They spent hours guiding and helping us choose a dog based on our needs. The training Curtice has put into our dog has made all the difference in her confidence and abilities. He has brought out the best in her. The facility is like no other. The staff is like no other. The dogs are simply amazing. The amount of time and energy spent on these dogs is apparent the minute you enter the property. Needless to say, our experience has been incredibly positive. We highly recommend Kraftwerk K9.

- Tracy M. | January 3, 2024

Kraftwerk bred my amazing boy Krieger. I have owned shepherds from good breeders for years. But Kraftwerk is a step above! He is so smart, not just with training, but temperament and companionship. The trainers at Kraftwerk are wonderful. I have had Krieger back for board and training. They always take the extra time with him and to train me how to work with him. They treat him and I like family. I will never go anywhere else for a puppy or training.

- Erica H. | November 2023

So happy with our beautiful pup from Kraftwerk! He is already a fantastic family dog and great protector. The Kraftwerk team did a great job training us on how to best introduce him to our family.

- Adam H. | September 2023

Mika was given to me on mothers day and has been the best dog I have ever trained with. When I first got her she would follow me on walks now that she has gotten older she has learned to heel and be well behaved on the leash. We are working on training for protection with her and thats it. Just wanted to thank Kraftwerk k9 for blessing me with this beautiful dog. 

- Mia R. | August 2023

Kraftwerk K9 is a great breeder of working line German Shepherd Dogs. The love and the care provided to the dogs from Wayne and the staff is second to none. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Kraftwerk K9 in selecting our puppy and we couldn’t be more happy with our new family member. Very smart and beautiful looking dogs. I was impressed on how professional this business is run. Highly recommended for the best working line German Shepherd dogs!

- Luke | August 2023

My wife and I picked up our beautiful puppy Yukon at Kraftwerk K9, and we want to say how impressed we are with him. Kraftwerk K9 put a great deal of time into building his foundational skills and it really shows. He has excellent house manners and a strong recall started. He is very healthy, confident, social, and so intelligent. He navigates new environments really well, and we take him everywhere. We are amazed how quickly he responds to training new behaviors and just couldn’t be happier. Kraftwerk K9 answered all our questions and the kennel is so beautiful!

- Tim M. | July 2023

Thanks to Kraftwerk for this wonderful pup. Her name is Grace and she’s been a blessing. Grace is a bundle of joy, full of energy and drive, protective and affectionate. Following the reviews of this breeder and looking at their culture and passion for the breed made it easy to make the decision. We love Grace and highly recommend Kraftwerk.

- Miguel B. | March 2023

Kraftwerk K9 always provides the best service and puppies. This is our second dog purchased from them and couldn’t ask for better customer service. The puppies always come with more than enough background information, plus great initial puppy potty training, a collar, and a leash. If you are in the market for a German Shepherd, this should be your first and only stop to find one.

- Chad L. | April 25, 2023

I had an amazing experience purchasing our German Shepherd puppy from Kraftwerk.  From the moment I called to inquire, they were all incredibly helpful, professional, kind and answered all my questions thoroughly. And I sure did have a lot of questions! After I made the purchase, they sent me videos and pictures and continued to answer more questions from me. They were so responsive. Jamie was just outstanding in helping me ease any concerns I had. When our puppy finally arrived, he came in a crate with food, water, a collar and leash. He also came with a binder full of important documents. It also included everything about his parents, as well as DNA testing and his shots. It also included training lessons and food guidance. On day 2, I had the vet check him out and she said he is just great! Physically he’s perfect and you can already tell by his behavior and personality that he is so smart and obedient. Thank you especially to Jamie and the staff for a wonderful experience and for helping us find our new family addition! We are overjoyed. If you are hesitant in any way, don’t be!


- Dina E

This is my second dog from Kraftwerk K9 and each time the level of service has been accomplished beyond my expectations. Regardless of any requests I had, the group of staff at Kraftwerk were willing to accommodate my every request. The communication was easy and they were always willing to talk about any questions or concerns I ever had. I highly recommend a Kraftwerk dog and this staff!

- Jesse L

I adopted a 2 year old GS from someone who acquired the dog from this breeder. Long story short the dog has been a amazing addition to our family. Extremely protective and alert. Most of the training came from this facility as my dog behaves just like the dogs in the videos. We found out it was a Czech GS and extremely alert to strangers which proves it didn’t come from a show line of dogs but a working line which is important when advertising breeding. These dogs need a dominant owner and if you can give them that they will give you everything they can to please and this also comes from proper training at a young age.

- Dino F

My puppy Volker is 7 months old. I got him from Kraftwerk and he is absolutely amazing. I have had him for two weeks now and his personality is outstanding. The staff at Kraftwerks were extremely helpful through the whole process of getting Volker. Would recommend this place to anyone.

- Marc K

Outstanding Facility. We were able to meet with the team and get a full tour of the facility. I was extremely impressed with how professional and knowledgeable this team was. They are extremely dedicated to these animals. The puppies are adorable and I was super impressed with the level of obedience and control the adult dogs had achieved. Wayne is clearly proud of these dogs and loves what he does.

- David W

I would like to thank Wayne and all the staff at Kraftwerk K9 for providing the best German Shepherd I have ever had the pleasure to call my own! After 14 years of fantastic memories I had to put Kodiak down, my best friend and companion. I have had Shepherds all my life and Kodiak was by far the smartest and healthiest German Shepherd that I have ever owned. He was a very special dog. If anyone is looking to purchase a Shepherd, as far as I am concerned this is the only kennel that you should consider! Keep up the great work! Rest in peace Kodiak!

- Gregory G

I have been in the market for buying a GS for years now and finally decided to hit the go button. Called up Kraftwerk and a very nice lady who I believe her name was January, she answered all my questions (which I did have a lot) and was very friendly and helped guide me to which dog I wanted. I called a few more times in between spoke to Dakota on training which was again very helpful in the learning process. I received my pup after trying with January on different flights but she was awesome enough to keep trying to get my pup where I needed him to go. Needless to say, I can definitely tell my pup was handled and well taken care of before even having him arrive. We are ecstatic and glad we decided to go with Kraftwerk K9. Thanks again for all your help in finding our new best friend.

- Soledad L

We could not be more pleased with our puppy. We could not have asked for a more loving dog. He is super calm, confident and always striving to please. He comes with us everywhere and sits next to my youngest. We can’t go anywhere without someone complimenting us on our pup, either for his looks or due to calmness and obedience.

This is my first, but not my last Kraftwerk dog. This pup is perfect in every way, not over the top drivy like my last Czech/DDR GSD. Totally confident around strangers and new environments, and loves car rides.

I HIGHLY recommend Kraftwerk, worth every cent. You know you are getting a healthy pup with proper temperament and drives that exceeds the breed standards. The only hard choice is coat color & if you want a male or female. All their dogs are beautiful.

- John N

Would highly recommend. Wonderful care of their dogs and puppies. Highly knowledgeable with quality puppies. Very satisfied with my new puppy!

Update! They also do a wonderful job boarding. I will be leaving my girl, Xola and my other gsd I got somewhere else this upcoming week. I know they’re in great hands and that they will receive the love and attention they need. This puppy has grown up to be the most beautiful, intelligent, and kind 8 month old puppy. Thank you again Kraftwerk!

- Ella B

I am very happy that I found Kraftwerk K9 kennel on internet because really appreciate the desire by visionary leader Wayne Curryda who wants to keep excellent blood of this noble breed – German shepard working line

- Zoran E

I cannot say enough about the seamless purchase of our beautiful German Shepherd with Kraftwerk K9. We kept her at the kennel until 12 weeks to have some extra training. They contacted us every week with new pictures so we were able to watch her grow. They have answered any and all questions we have had and continue to support us as we get used to the new baby. Also, the delivery from Seattle to Tampa was so easy and the pup did really well. She is such a sound, chill, lovable pup. I highly recommend this breeder for your next GSD.

- Paula R

I can’t say enough about Kraftwerk K9 dogs. We got our first Kraftwerk in 2004 and our second in 2012. The biggest selling point for our first purchase was how great the dogs were with children. We were planning a family. Since we wanted a GSD, we wanted a certain measure of assurance of mental stability and physical health. These are powerful animals and mental stability was very important around small children.

Our sweet Kraftwerk dog was everything promised and then some. He was a loyal, gentle, and loving dog with the family. He had a very strong bark towards anyone at the door. We got him before our first child and he was our spoiled boy. The moment we returned from the hospital with our child, he was ultra gentle to the baby. We established very strict boundaries. He was not allowed near the baby or its room. As the baby grew, he was sweet and gentle. Once, our baby took a jerky treat out of the dogs mouth. The dog just let the baby have it and looked to us for help. I can’t count the number of times the baby fell or tripped over the dog, accidentally poked his eye or pulled his ear. Each time, the dog was totally unaffected and peaceful. On our daily walks, as a young dog, he made friends with neighbor dogs. He was able to play nicely, off-leash, in public and at dog parks.

After he passed, it took us less than 2 months to have our second Kraftwerk at home with us. She’s got a little more sass than our first dog, but is equally loyal and gentle with the family, and the now much bigger kids.

Both dogs were so good and gentle taking treats. Sometimes when we give them a treat, they let it fall out of their mouth before they eat it.

Both dogs require strong leadership and established boundaries. I’ve become much more assertive since getting my Kraftwerk dogs. They can push the boundaries if you let them, so it requires leadership by the family.

When we’re ready for another furry family member, our first stop will be Kraftwerk.

- MC Allen

My puppy from Kraftwerk K9 is 5 months old and I’m crazy in love with her! She’s beautiful, smart, healthy, strong, loves to give kisses and is excelling in her training. I couldn’t be happier with my Kraftwerk K9 pup! A big thank you to Wayne and his crew for making the purchase so smooth and for continuing to be available to answer questions.

- Jan H

Amazing dogs from an amazing breeder.

I first learned of Kraftwerk K9 20y ago but couldn’t afford what they offered being a young adult at the time, only 20yo. Fast forward to 2020, Wow!!!

Adalie (Yoshi) Vom Kraftwerk is the smartest dog I’ve ever had. Amazing intelligence, self driven to work. Too smart for her own good; lol. We literally trained her to come/sit/lay down/stay in: 20 minutes. Mind blown 🤯!

The staff was exceptional, answered any inquiry in a timely manner, even though I’m in a separate Country and different time zone.

Couldn’t be happier with the money I’ve spent and the intellect dog that I’ve received in kind. I received what I paid for and so, so much more.

My Wife is so amazed by Adalie that she is already planning her own Kraftwerk K9 puppy purchase in the coming years..

- Karl P
I have owned two Kraftwerk German Shepherds and they are hands down the BEST of the breed. I’ve been a life long owner of GSD’s since I was a kid—in my 40’s now—and I can tell you there is something special about Wayne’s dogs. They are brilliant, hard working, loyal, fearless and confident dogs. My current boy Apollo is 2 1/2 now and a gorgeous, inky jet black with a thick glossy coat—he is a certified service animal and had some bite work training. He’s a absolute gentleman and a rock solid machine when he needs to be. To say he is gorgeous is an understatement. I cannot take him out anywhere without people stopping to compliment both his looks and his well rounded temperament and manners. If you’re looking for the best representation of the breed, but a Kraftwerk shepherd—you won’t regret it.
- Tara P

Several months ago, we decided to get a true working dog, companion, and most importantly a family pet. In looking for our German Shepherd puppy, we visited many kennels across the United States and spoke with several breeders before we found Wayne Curry at Kraftwerk K9. I called Wayne and easily scheduled a visit to check out his facility. I arrived and was personally welcomed by Wayne and his fantastic staff. He made me feel right at home and took me on a tour. Turns out, we knew some of the same folks in the sport and before you know it, I had my new best friend picked out and ready to go home. Even once we had him home, I called Kraftwerk K9 several times, almost weekly, with questions I had about the puppy, feeding, and advice on training, etc. Every single time, I spoke with someone on the phone to address my concerns; I knew I made the right choice. Our puppy is 9 months old now and well on his way to becoming a champion! Thank you to Wayne, January, and the entire team at Kraftwerk K9 for making this a truly remarkable experience! (P.S. – Wayne, I will be back since all my kids now want their own!)

- R L

I bought a dog “Phoenix von Kraftwerk II” from them and he is very loyal to his Mom. He is 150 lbs & no one pushes him around unless he wants to let them. He is doing what he was bought for, being his Momma’s dog! Also he is very gorgeous as a red sable w/ black under tones. Gorgeous, big & bold!

- Sherry Z

I cannot say enough positive things about the pup that we purchased from Wayne at Kraftwerk! Exceptional in every way. This dog is SO smart! He is completely fearless…So calm in all situations.. and he’s just a puppy! We get so many comments on how calm he is. Oh, he’s a puppy…he’s wild at times, but in social situations and times of stress (doorbells, loud noises, strange people) he’s calm and observant. He’s super lovey and sweet too. This is a GREAT dog. My first pup from Kraftwerk, but it will not be the last. OH…I wanted to say, the delivery was seamless. Our pup flew in same day. He was sent with all of his documents, food, collar, leash, and care instructions. Very, very, very well done. We are extremely happy clients! Thank you, Wayne and all of your team! You are FIRST CLASS all of the way!

- Chris N.