30 Day Training Program

Minimum Age: 8 Weeks
We call this “Obedience from the Beginning”. This is the perfect age to lay down a solid foundation on which future training can be built. We introduce the puppies to a reward system using food to reinforce the correct behavior. This helps us develop their drive to learn in a distraction free environment. We teach them their name, how to sit & lay down and introduce them to the heel position. We also begin house training and expose them to new environments. Level 1 of Kraftwerk’s obedience training sets the puppies up for success in every area of their lives.

Included In This Training:
Obedience from the Beginning Part 1 – Imprinting & Socializing

Week 1:
a. Learn how to respond to collar and leash
b. Follow handler on leash
c. Name Association

Week 2:
a. Come and sit in the front position
b. Sit on command
c. Down on command
d. Teaching the meaning of no

Week 3:
a. Introduced to house-training with indoor environment
b. Crate Trained
c. Vehicle familiarization
d. Drive Building – Encourage chasing and biting of approved toys

Week 4:
a. Introduction to stairs
b. Exposure to slippery stairs
c. Bathing trimming of nails, and ear cleaning on elevated table