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  • Gender: Female
  • Born: 04/02/2022
  • Certifications: BH
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Why We Freyja vom Kraftwerk

Gorgeous dark sable with a stunning coat and athletic build. Non-confrontational and neutral in every situation, and has a strong desire to bond with her handler. Energetic and active, will do anything for the ball. Shows an excellent relationship with her handler in obedience with reliable and ultra-fast reactions to the commands. Accomplished her BH Certification at only 16 months old. Loves to play and retrieve the ball. Learns everything very quickly no matter what is asked of her. Great in the home with children and other animals. Natural protective instincts, announces the arrival of strangers with strong barking. Able to transition easily from totally calm and relaxed, to active on command. Top working pedigree known for optimum health, vitality, and high level performance abilities. Both parents demonstrate sure and confident temperament, willingness to perform, and natural protective instincts. Sire is Hunter vom Germanen Schloss and Dam is Greta Garbo von Arina.


BH Begleitungshund: The BH is a companion dog test and the first step towards pursing Schutzhund titles. The principle focus of a BH is the temperament test; however, the dog must pass obedience before proceeding to the temperament portion of the BH exam. A dog must earn the BH before competing for IGP titles.

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