I can’t say enough about Kraftwerk K9 dogs. We got our first Kraftwerk in 2004 and our second in 2012. The biggest selling point for our first purchase was how great the dogs were with children. We were planning a family. Since we wanted a GSD, we wanted a certain measure of assurance of mental stability and physical health. These are powerful animals and mental stability was very important around small children.

Our sweet Kraftwerk dog was everything promised and then some. He was a loyal, gentle, and loving dog with the family. He had a very strong bark towards anyone at the door. We got him before our first child and he was our spoiled boy. The moment we returned from the hospital with our child, he was ultra gentle to the baby. We established very strict boundaries. He was not allowed near the baby or its room. As the baby grew, he was sweet and gentle. Once, our baby took a jerky treat out of the dogs mouth. The dog just let the baby have it and looked to us for help. I can’t count the number of times the baby fell or tripped over the dog, accidentally poked his eye or pulled his ear. Each time, the dog was totally unaffected and peaceful. On our daily walks, as a young dog, he made friends with neighbor dogs. He was able to play nicely, off-leash, in public and at dog parks.

After he passed, it took us less than 2 months to have our second Kraftwerk at home with us. She’s got a little more sass than our first dog, but is equally loyal and gentle with the family, and the now much bigger kids.

Both dogs were so good and gentle taking treats. Sometimes when we give them a treat, they let it fall out of their mouth before they eat it.

Both dogs require strong leadership and established boundaries. I’ve become much more assertive since getting my Kraftwerk dogs. They can push the boundaries if you let them, so it requires leadership by the family.

When we’re ready for another furry family member, our first stop will be Kraftwerk.