Amazing dogs from an amazing breeder.

I first learned of Kraftwerk K9 20y ago but couldn’t afford what they offered being a young adult at the time, only 20yo. Fast forward to 2020, Wow!!!

Adalie (Yoshi) Vom Kraftwerk is the smartest dog I’ve ever had. Amazing intelligence, self driven to work. Too smart for her own good; lol. We literally trained her to come/sit/lay down/stay in: 20 minutes. Mind blown 🤯!

The staff was exceptional, answered any inquiry in a timely manner, even though I’m in a separate Country and different time zone.

Couldn’t be happier with the money I’ve spent and the intellect dog that I’ve received in kind. I received what I paid for and so, so much more.

My Wife is so amazed by Adalie that she is already planning her own Kraftwerk K9 puppy purchase in the coming years..