I cannot say enough positive things about the pup that we purchased from Wayne at Kraftwerk! Exceptional in every way. This dog is SO smart! He is completely fearless…So calm in all situations.. and he’s just a puppy! We get so many comments on how calm he is. Oh, he’s a puppy…he’s wild at times, but in social situations and times of stress (doorbells, loud noises, strange people) he’s calm and observant. He’s super lovey and sweet too. This is a GREAT dog. My first pup from Kraftwerk, but it will not be the last. OH…I wanted to say, the delivery was seamless. Our pup flew in same day. He was sent with all of his documents, food, collar, leash, and care instructions. Very, very, very well done. We are extremely happy clients! Thank you, Wayne and all of your team! You are FIRST CLASS all of the way!