Kraftwerk K9 Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Known for having the most satisfied customers in the world!

Since it’s founding by visionary leader Wayne Curry, Kraftwerk K9 is America’s #1 authority on breeding & importing of working line German Shepherd puppies for sale.

“Kraftwerk k9 is the only American breeder to send dogs back to Germany to compete. ”

What People Are Saying….

Here are some of the more current reviews. You can see more of our Google reviews online. Feel free to leave your own review while you’re there.

As far as customer service goes, my name is Jake Adam Felton, and I think Wayne has a very professional attitude to be expected by business people and when I read the bad reviews, I am saying to myself; What’s really going on here, because Wayne is a very nice guy. He’s informative, honest and knowledgeable about the breed, the standards of service and the product he is selling.

Jake-Adam Felton

If you’re looking for a working line shepherd you’re on the right site. The puppies being produced there are top level for working dogs. Confidence and ability to think a problem through is spot on.

Danny Moore

I would like to thank Wayne and all the staff at Kraftwerk K9 for providing the best German Shepherd I have ever had the pleasure to call my own! After 14 years of fantastic memories I had to put Kodiak down, my best friend and companion. I have had Shepherds all my life and Kodiak was by far the smartest and healthiest German Shepherd that I have ever owned. He was a very special dog. If anyone is looking to purchase a Shepherd, as far as I am concerned this is the only kennel that you should consider! Keep up the great work! Rest in peace Kodiak!

Gregory Goss

“Without question the most remarkable dog I’ve ever known. She is incredibly well trained; but equally sweet and affectionate. We got her when she was 2 years old and came into new home, with new kitten and simply settled instantly, befriended cat, and has been a pleasure every moment. I, and my five children are simply in love with this incredible dog.”

Katie M

“I can SLEEP at night” thanks to our Wonderful addition to the family “Bramo” from Kraftwerk’s. He is an amazing animal. Highly Intelligent, Alert and responsive…just ask our ups driver! We purchased him Dec 2018 after we had a burglary attempt on our home. The police sent In a K-9 unit. Watching those GSD work -All business, was the moment we decided to upgrade our security. After researching protection dogs and breeders Kraftwerk K9 was the clear choice. The entire staff is knowledgeable and helpful. I was given the owner, Wayne Curry’s cell number along with the trainer, Dakotas cell number if I had any further questions or needed help with anything. Every time I have called either one, I was immediately helped. I can honestly say that my experience with them is top notch! We love our beautiful, obedient Bramo!”

Mindi Brown

“Wayne from Kraftwerks K9 has the best GSD’s on the market this is my 3rd from KW and they are the best dogs you can find BAR NONE!!!!”

Scott Macdowell

“Kraftwerk K9 is a great place to get German Shepherds from. They will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your puppy/dog arrives and is well taken care until that time. My mother owns three dogs from Kraftwerk K9 and she couldn’t be happier and I enjoy to see them as well.”

Ross Langford

“Love their puppies and their training aids. Shipping was as expected. The videos are awesome just which there were more videos to purchase.”

Pamela Holscher

“I have now purchased two puppies from Kraftwerk K9 and couldn’t be happier! Our male is now 6 and weighs a lean 104 lbs and his sister weighed in at 89 lbs at our vet trip last week. Thank you again Kraftwerk K9 for the incredible additions to our family!”

Angela C

“Have had 2 great experiences with Krartwerk K9. Wayne Curry has help us add 2 great family members. He took his time with us on both occasions to make sure the dogs were a great fit for our family.”


“I purchased Tazor there 7 yrs ago. He is beautiful, strong and steady. He is everything I had hoped for and more, very smart and loving dog. He weighs in at 140 lbs. and I am sure he would protect me and my family at all costs. I take him to work with me some days, and he is loved by all. Healthy, beautiful, smart, strong, and loving what more could you want?”

Milea Gibson

Would highly recommend. Wonderful care of their dogs and puppies. Highly knowledgeable with quality puppies. Very satisfied with my new puppy!

Update! They also do a wonderful job boarding. I will be leaving my girl, Xola and my other gsd I got somewhere else this upcoming week. I know they’re in great hands and that they will receive the love and attention they need. This puppy has grown up to be the most beautiful, intelligent, and kind 8 month old puppy. Thank you again Kraftwerk!

Ella Bruce

I got a puppy from this place about a year ago and he is the best dog our family has ever had. He’s great with our kids, super well behaved, and he always lets us know when someone is close to our house. The customer service was great and very friendly. If your interested in addicting a new addition to your family or wanting an already trained dog definitely check out their website. I’ve been following it on Facebook since we got our pup and it’s amazing all the stuff they teach their dogs.

Edie Tracy

“My last dog purchase from you gave me 10 years of obedience and love highly skilled level III amazing ability until the day he passed At 12 years old he came from a small town I will keep checking your site hopefully see another like him”

Michael Mcdonald

“Five years ago after someone attempted to break into our home. We decided to get a German Shepherd puppy from Kraftwerk K9 and to this day I couldn’t ask for a better companion or protector. He is more than a dog to our family he has been a true angel and blessing to us everyday.”

Linda T

“Clean and organized facility willing to go the extra distance to find the right Canine for you! Found my little guy at 8 weeks old and could not be happier with my guy hulk now 4 1/2 years old!”

Bruce Wilkans

“We purchased our puppy Dax from Kraftwerkk9 this last December, 2018. We have had a very positive experience. The trainers and staff have been friendly and helpful. I am very happy with the quality, conformation and disposition of the puppy we chose. I would purchase a puppy from them again without reservation.”

Kristina Wilcox

“Working with the team at Kraftwerk K9 so far has been excellent. Dakota, chief trainer, was very patient and knowledgeable. We opted for a trained puppy. In a few months I will be able to fill in the blanks on how well it is working out for us.”

Andrew Brill

“Would highly recommend. Wonderful care of their dogs and puppies. Highly knowledgeable with quality puppies. Very satisfied with my new puppy!”

Ella Bruce

“Beauty and The Beast- Thanks Wayne for giving us the best, We will always be indebted to you. Your breeding will always be an envy to many. Paxo is a gentle giant and a scorching fire in the field. Attached is his picture and profile. GOD BLESS!!!!”

Charles M Arrieta

“My experience with Kraftwerk K9 was great, simple, and straightforward. Our black German Shepherd Woska is now 6 months old. She’s so beautiful, smart, and her temperament is wonderful. I couldn’t be more pleased with her and with our experience at Kraftwerk K9. Kraftwerk K9’s GSD’s are the best!”

Omar Anzar

“They prepare you adequately for your first GSD. Everything organized. Always available when you have questions. Kilua is an intelligent dog with excellent temperament and what a Bark!!!”

Wilfredo Cordero

“I am writing this review after reading another one that was not nice. We got our family dog from Kraftwerk almost 4 years ago, his name is Vano. He is an amazing German Shepherd with the temperament of a loving animal. How these dogs react to people at home is a direct reflection on the home they are in, not the breeder or the trainer. We have young children and our dog would NEVER think of harming our boys. In fact, he is their best friend. Van is trained (by Kraftwerk) and we take him everywhere even without a leash. They are protectors and family and if anyone thinks their product isn’t top notch the best in the world, you are happy to email me and we will share pictures and other details with you. We are about to buy our second dog from Kraftwerk soon. Don’t let the negative comments fool you, it is the owners, not the dogs.”

Bryan Brewer

We could not be more pleased with our puppy. We could not have asked for a more loving dog. He is super calm, confident and always striving to please. He comes with us everywhere and sits next to my youngest. We can’t go anywhere without someone complimenting us on our pup, either for his looks or due to calmness and obedience.

John Navarro

Amazing place. Dogs are well kept and seem very happy. Maddy seems to really connect and love these dogs. They are lucky to have her as an employee

Debbie Owens

This is the second puppy that I got from Kraftwerk K9. My first was incredibly smart and sweet! She was trained in Shutzhund and did bomb sniffing with our local Sheriff’s dept. most importantly she had friends wherever she went. I just got a 3 month old female and she is beautiful, smart and well tempered. Once you have owned a dog from Kraftwerk K9 you can’t settle for anything less. Thank you Wayne, Sean and Lisa!

Marci Pekofsky

“We obtained our girl Mala Vom Riedschluegi from Kraftwerk K9 last week. The process was easy and straight to the point. Lisa the office manager kept in touch the whole way letting me know what to expect. She also answered all my questions I had of Mala as well as offered some advise. Even now that we have Mala she has continued to answer my questions as they come up. Mala has been a great addition to our pack, I was expecting her to be nervous and anxious being in a new environment but I got the complete opposite. Mala has been so easy to introduce to my other pets and Family members. She is so easy to handle. Walking with her is such a joy, no tugging or pulling. She has such a gentle attitude. I purchased her after speaking with Wayne Curry for the purpose of breeding. Wayne assured me her health status and I decided that she was the perfect female for my breeding program. Kraftwerk K9 offered me a German Shepherd unlike any I have seen before. This is exactly what a German Shepherd should be like.”

Felipe Vigueras German Shepherd

“We bought our dog Ronja from Kraftwerk k9 in August 2015. Wayne was professional on the phone and helped us choose the right dog for our lifestyle. I truly believe we found the perfect German Shepherd! Her temperament is great with kids, she travels everywhere with us, swims, hikes, catches frisbees, and has excellent hips. Now on a road trip almost three years later, we find ourselves driving across four states to pay a visit to Kraftwerk Kennels. Dakota was incredible from the moment we showed up. Greeting us with bottled water and giving a tour of the place. He asked us if Ronja has had any protection training, to which she hasn’t. He showed us potential in our dog that we never knew was there by doing a quick beginner lesson with the protection sleeve. Unbelievable! Our dog showed us she had the drive to do protection all along! When we found out Dakota had been at the kennel for over 4 years and knew our dogs parents, it really put us at ease. Hats off to a great facility and the team at Kraftwerk k9!”


“I’ve had three GSD’s from this Kennel. Wayne is a great dog trainer and easy to work with. He knows his dogs.”

Jo Carvill

“I’ve had two dogs from Kraftwerk, one was a year old when we got him, the other just 8 weeks. Both are spectacular dogs. Great temperament, affectionate, sure of themselves in any situation, and smarter than many peoples kids. Absolute family members in every way. I’ve owned seven GSD in my lifetime, these two are the best. Having said that, Kraftwerk will not hold your hand and guide you through raising a puppy – that’s YOUR job. Customer service after the sale is pretty much nonexistent, so know what you’re doing BEFORE you get a dog that may be smarter and have more will power than you. (just kidding …. sort of.) The dogs they sell are outstanding, they expect you to know what to do with them after you bought one.”

Mike Menozzi