Alex Shelton

Director of Operations

Alex came to Kraftwerk with various skill sets. He has both a passion for dogs and business management. He has been vital in reimagining our digital media content and has Kraftwerk K9 trending on multiple platforms. He is vital in our customer relations department and ensures a happy/healthy community of Kraftwerk clients.

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A German Shepherd is like a loaded weapon, you better know how to use it. - Alex Shelton

More About Alex

Alex is one of 11 siblings, scattered all across the United States. He came to Washington from the Midwest with a military family background, finally looking to settle down and raise a family and find a career. He graduated college in 2017 with a degree in Business Administration as the first step towards a career working with dogs. His passion for animals began many years ago, he wanted to become a Vet but quickly changed that trajectory after realizing what comes with that job, but he wasn’t giving up on his dream of working with animals. Through it all, across the United States and back twice, he finally landed here at Kraftwerk K9.

Why Alex Loves Kraftwerk K9

I came to Kraftwerk K9 as a step towards my dream. Kraftwerk gave me many opportunities to grow into what was a step towards the next stage in life, and instead it became a career. Through Kraftwerk K9, I went from a kennel technician all the way to our Director of Operations, overseeing our kennel and ensuring each customer has a great experience each and every time we interact. Kraftwerk K9 has opened so many doors for me and put me in a situation to ensure I can take care of my family, I am eternally grateful for Kraftwerk K9, Wayne, and each of the opportunities given to me. I can’t wait to help grow this company and see what opportunities will continue to come! These truly are the best German Shepherds in the world!