Simba vom Kraftwerk $7,500.00
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: 07/11/2022
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Why We Simba vom Kraftwerk

Absolutely perfect pigmentation, along with great health. Photo taken August 12th. Both parents are especially recommended to improve all working and temperament qualities, along with outstanding bone strength and structure. Health and vitality is well known in the blood line to be optimum especially for a long healthy life, along with top performance. Substantial proportions with broad shoulders and excellent bone strength. Strong temperament and active drive with an outgoing personality already evident. Pedigree consists of many dogs that have achieved top placings at the highest levels of international competition. Both parents are trustworthy and well-mannered with excellent social skills. For more information please call 360-273-6125 or enter a 25%($1,875.00) deposit, or for the quickest service possible please click on the Begin Purchase button.