Reya | OB3 $10,500.00
  • Gender: Female
  • Born: 10/10/2023
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Why We Reya | OB3

Stunning mahogany sable with expressive eyes and excellent pigmentation throughout the coat. Excellent overall development with a broad head and chest. Photo taken February 22nd. Even though she has a serious expression, Reya is a happy and social puppy with a lovely temperament. She has completed all three of her Puppy Obedience Training Levels. Naturally loyal and strives to be with her handler. Very obedient and alert to her handler. Bred in Germany and born here! Pedigree consists of many top winning dogs that display a sure and confident temperament, willingness to work, and natural protective instincts. Substantial proportions with a strong head, typical of the bloodline. Offering superior trainability along with a true love to perform.

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Included In This Training:

Obedience from the Beginning Part 3 – Boost Performance Levels

Week 1:
a. Fuss/Heel (Walk on loose lead in the heel position without pulling)
b. Automatic ‘sit’ when handler stops
c. Finished Fuss – Get into heel position from the ‘here’ front sit

Week 2:
a. Formal German obedience commands as well as informal English house commands
b. Introduction to obedience hand signals
c. Obedience commands at a distance

Week 3:
a. Increased duration of sit and down stays
b. Extending the area of influence the handler has from six to thirty feet with a long line training lead
c. Introduction to off-leash obedience

Week 4:
a. Promotion of off-leash response to commands
b. Create positive expectations based on quickness of performance
c. Proofing already learned behaviors around distractions such as: dogs, people, vehicles, and home/office environments

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