Libra vom Kraftwerk OB1 $9,500.00
  • Gender: Female
  • Born: 04/15/2022
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Why We Libra vom Kraftwerk OB1

Strong and substantial mahogany sable, powerful head, dark eyes with fantastic expression. Shows great determination to perform anything asked of her. Has the natural ability to turn on and off, on command, in every situation. Absolutely secure temperament, dependable with rock-solid nerve base. Photo taken August 12th. Great looks, optimum health and vitality, rock-solid nerves and superior working characteristics come from the proven genetics of both parents.  They are the same type with heavy bone structure along with high performance abilities. For more information please call 360-273-6125 or enter a 25%($2,375) deposit, or for the quickest service please click on the Begin Purchase button.

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