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  • Gender: Male
  • Born: 06/06/2021
  • Certifications: BH
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Why We ‘Balu’ vom Lehrbacher Schloss

‘Balu” Falubalu vom Lehrbacher Schloss

Highly trained at a remarkably young age and truly loves to work with the handler! Solid jet black with superb temperament. Very good proportions with strong head and powerful bones. Has the natural desire to do everything asked of him. Exceptionally focused when working and responsive to every command without hesitation. Extremely stable in any environment. Friendly and happy with every member of the family and neutral towards other dogs. Relaxed and calm when inside the home, a true family dog. Able to transition easily from passive behavior to active behavior on command. Motivated drive for a ball, will perform the obedience exercises quickly over and over again expecting the reward. Announces the arrival of strangers with strong barking. Comes from a famous line of top performing, highly functional competitors. Hips and elbows certified.


BH Begleitungshund: The BH is a companion dog test and the first step towards pursing Schutzhund titles. The principle focus of a BH is the temperament test; however, the dog must pass obedience before proceeding to the temperament portion of the BH exam. A dog must earn the BH before competing for IGP titles.

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