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  • Gender: Male
  • Born: 03/10/2023
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Why We Dax vom Kraftwerk

Just turned one year old with precise obedience along with fantastic protection skills hardly ever seen at this age! Especially great manners inside the house and neutral with other dogs. Sure and steady temperament with great desire to do anything his handler asks of him. Large, athletic build, striking sable coat, and an especially intelligent expression. Exceptionally well trained and extremely reliable in any environment. Incredible drive to work, strives to please handler with every command. Naturally guidable, and always responsive with pronounced desire to perform. Able to transition easily from passive behavior to active behavior on command. Enthusiastic and enjoys working. Motivated drive for a ball, will perform the obedience exercises quickly over and over again expecting the reward. Relaxed and calm when inside the home. Natural protective instincts, announces the arrival of strangers with strong barking. Comes like a freight train on the long attack with rock-solid grips on the arm. Sire is Hunter vom Germanen Schloss, and Dam is Christi von der germanischen Wolfsschanze.

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