Balla von der Dänischen Weick Call for Pricing
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: 02/11/2020
  • Certifications: WB, AD, BH, IGP1
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Why We Balla von der Dänischen Weick

Youngest most highly titled male just arrived from Germany, color beyond compare! Large black and rich red with fantastic looks. Broad strong head and heavy bone strength. Shows great natural desire to be gentle with children and absolutely neutral with other animals. Attentive and highly responsive to the obedience commands. Truly loves to perform showing the natural ability to bond to his handler. Loves to come when called with an unconditional stay in the down position. Loves playing and retrieving a ball. Shows very natural protective drive announcing the arrival of strangers with strong barking. Hips and elbows certified. To help you make the best decision based on your needs, lifestyle, environment and purpose please call us at 1-360-273-6125.