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  • Gender: Female
  • Born: 06/21/2017
  • Certifications: AD, BH, IGP1, KKL
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Why We Amber vom eisernen Schloss

Amber vom eisernen Schloss

Top of the line German Shepherd Family Protection dog.

Large and heavy boned, gorgeous sable female German Shepherd with distinctive brown markings. Muscular and strong body type built for performance. Broad head and muzzle with terrific expression. Looks like a male at first sight. Rock-solid temperament with nerves of steel. Unflappable and cannot be shaken in any situation. Trustworthy and well-behaved with children and other animals. Her first priority is to be obedient to her handler. Top-rate working ability, highly responsive in obedience with pronounced retrieve instincts. Dynamic drive and self-confidence in protection with pronounced courage. High ranking pedigree known to produce many highly competitive trial participants. Well-known old bloodlines known for optimum health and vitality. Hips and elbows certified.

To learn more about our home protection dogs and to help make the best decision based on your needs, lifestyle, environment and purpose please call us at 360-273-6125 or text us at 360-623-0898.

All our working line German Shepherds are in front of international licensed judges that certify their trained abilities and capacity to perform.

AD: Endurance Test, 12.5 Mile Run with two 15 Minute Breaks and an Obedience Test At the End

BH: The BH is a temperament and obedience certification performed by an internationally licensed judge. The obedience test is performed on a public field where the dog must perform all obedience exercises off leash. The final temperament exam asserts the dog does not show avoidance or aggression and is stable and obedient in a public environment.

IGP: This title is for dogs who have passed obedience, protection, and tracking examinations. Titles 1, 2, and 3 denote how advanced the training tests were. A minimum of SchH 1/IPO 1 is required to be breed surveyed.