Olexa vom Kraftwerk

Olexa vom Kraftwerk


Gender: Female

D.O.B: 5/27/19

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Father: SG-Merlin von Steenflage BH,IPO1,IPO2,IPO3,KKL

Mother: Dana vom Fuchsstein AD,BH,IPG1,IPG2,KKL

Black and tan with distinctive brown markings, born healthy and strong! Strong bones with great overall development. Photo taken June 25th. Both parents show the same ideal structure and are highly recommended for the improvement of breed type. Large and strong boned, especially broad heads with well-carried ears. Impeccable temperament and outstanding working qualities. Optimum health and vitality. Social skills will be sure to be well developed and able to adapt easily into any environment. For quickest reservation please complete the online purchase agreement or call/text 360-623-0898 for more information.