Hulk vom Kraftwerk Obedience Level 3

Hulk vom Kraftwerk Obedience Level 3


BORN: 12/27/18

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Mother Quintana vom Elsenzer See AD,BH,IPO,KKL
Father SG-Atze vom Weggefährten IPO3(V), KKL, 2016 BSP Competitor

Gorgeous red sable with strong head and great bone strength. Outgoing, bold and self-confident temperament. Photo taken May 7th. Pedigree consists of many top dogs that display a sure and confident temperament, willingness to work and natural protective instincts. Large with substantial proportions, strong head typical of the bloodline. Great capacity to handle stress giving them the ability to work under any condition. Steady and reliable in all situations. Offering superior train-ability along with a true love to perform.  To help you make the best decision based on your needs, lifestyle, and purpose please call or text us at 360-623-0898.