Hanno vom Kraftwerk 

Hanno vom Kraftwerk

Hanno vom Kraftwerk

Obedience Level 1

DOB - 12/27/18

Large dark sable with broad head, strong bones and great structure! Photo taken March 26th. Steady and relaxed nature, with great motivation to perform. Both parents are known for powerful heads, strong bones along with trustworthy social skills. Self-confident and sure with natural ability to handle stress. This combination offers the highly accomplished, famous working bloodlines from West Germany. Proven pedigree combines the best working lines known to produce rock-solid character, temperament, drive and very good structure. 

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Atze vom Weggefährten

SG: Very Good; an official German show grade and the highest obtainable by dogs under two.
International Masters level Schutzhund. (Excellent)
survey class
2016 BSP (National Schutzhund Championship) Competitor



Quintana vom Elsenzer See

BH: Basic companion dog - traffic sureness.
AD: Endurance test (Aus dauerprufing)
IPO1: International Novice Schutzhund trial qualification
KKL: survey class
GENDER: Female