SG-Merlin von Steenflage



Two time BSP German Championship competitor currently residing in Germany. Large black sable with outstanding color and fantastic working ability. Well defined muscle tone with awesome broad head and massive bones. Wonderful temperament and naturally quick in all of his responses. Very social and gets along well with other animals well. Trustworthy and sure with children with great house manners. Loves to work with excellent drive in obedience. Fantastic in protection, powerful guarding with hard full grips , scored IGP1 (90,94,94), IGP2 (96,94,98), IPG3 with 100 in tracking, 95 in obedience and 96 in protection totaling 294 point! Awarded 99,93,and 96 in protection = 288(V) under the highly esteemed German head judge Gunther Diegel. Popular working line pedigree. Hips and elbows certified a1.


SG: Very Good

AD: 12-1/2 mile endurance run followed by an obedience test and physical examination

BH: Off-leash obedience- stess test and traffic sureness
IGP1: International Working Dog Test
IGP2: Advanced International Working Dog Test

IGP3: Master International Working Dog Test

KKL: Surveyed & recommended for breeding

Hips & Elbows: a1-Normal