SG-Bob von der Wilddieben



Spectacular male currently residing in Germany. Large and heavy boned, distinctly marked with excellent black and brown color. Muscular and strong type built for performance. Broad head and muzzle with terrific expression. Rock-solid temperament with nerves of steel. Unflappable and cannot be shaken in any situation. Highly motivated to work, will do anything for a ball. Super responsive in obedience with pronounced retrieving instincts. Top performance with great power in the guarding along with full and hard grips under pressure. Dynamic drive and self confidence scoring 292 points in multiple competitions. High ranking working line pedigree known to produce many highly competitive trial participants. Hips and elbows certified a1.


SG-SG: Very Good

AD: 12-1/2 mile endurance run followed by an obedience test and physical examination

BH: Off-leash obedience- stess test and traffic sureness 
IGP1: International Working Dog Test 
IGP2: Advanced International Working Dog Test

KKL: Surveyed & recommended for breeding

Hips & Elbows: a1-Normal