SG-Max vom Haus Cismar



Oversized dark sable with tremendous head and bone strength. Absolutely rock-solid both physically and mentally.  Totally trustworthy and reliable, can go anywhere, anytime and never be shaken. Quiet with a natural calm demeanor along with second-to-none courage, hardness and fighting drive. Has the seldom seen ability to transition between calm and full power whenever needed. Consistently shows steady and sure behavior in every situation, from downtown sidewalks to world-class drive on command. Gentle with children along with impeccable house manners. Oversized and highly athletic with great ability to perform at maximum capacity scoring 295 points in IPO3! Shows his ability to solve problems and concentrate in tracking scoring a perfect 100. Highly dedicated to the handler, demonstrating natural guidability along in the obedience exercises scoring excellent with 96 points. Fantastic in protection, the more he is challenged the stronger he becomes. Grips are full, crushing and hard, comes like a locomotive on the long distance courage test, releases quickly on command demonstrating a near perfect performance with 99 points. Is six times IPO3 and highly ranked from  the judges.  Original German Breed Report:  Very large and substantial male with outstanding color, especially powerful head and good proportions.  Outgoing and sure temperament with commendable ability to handle stress along with superior work ethic. Comes from seldom seen pedigree of dogs from both East and West Germany known to produce great looks along outstanding performance. Sire  is Brando von der Lordschaft, rated excellent in show and working. Lines to famous greats Tom van Leftalhof, Amigo von Brachaler See, Troll Milanda Immo Rossilick. Mother is Zora von Ankenrutt, also rated excellent in show.  Lines to Eddy Vorderen Schalk, Cliff Heidhof and Fax Bernhart Mader. Hips and elbows certified a1.


SG: Very Good

AD: 12-1/2 mile endurance run followed by an obedience test and physical examination

BH: Off-leash obedience- stess test and traffic sureness 
IGP1: International Working Dog Test 
IGP2: Advanced International Working Dog Test

IGP3: Master International Working Dog Test

KKL: Surveyed & recommended for breeding

Hips & Elbows: a1-Normal


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