Ehemann vom Wallerhorst AD,BH,IPO1 – Working German Shepherd Dogs

Ehmann vom Wallerhorst AD,BH,IPO1(100-96-100=296)

 SG-Atze vom Weggefährt


Strong and muscular, striking black sable with exceptional temperament along with top level performance ability. Scored a perfect 100 points in tracking, excelled in obedience with 96 and a rarely given 100 points in protection. Great proportions with even top and underline, well developed chest and noble and expressive head. Distinctively spirited attitude and self-confident. Perfectly mannered with children as well as other animals. Retrieving instinct highly pronounced, will play with a ball all day. Always willing to work. Superior bonding capability with the handler, guide-able and responsive with pronounced desire to perform. Shows her ability to contain her drive with calm and methodical tracking skills. No need to build drive in obedience with consistent responses to the commands. Transitions between aggression and prey drive easily in protection with powerful barking, strikes quickly and bites hard on the sleeve.  Pedigree consists of many successful high level schutzhund competitors.  Hips and elbows certified a1.


SG: Very Good

AD: 12-1/2 mile endurance run followed by an obedience test and physical examination

BH: Off-leash obedience- stess test and traffic sureness 
IGP1: International Working Dog Test (100-96-100=296)

Hips & Elbows: a1-Normal

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