Atze vom Weggefährten


Large, black sable, exceptional in every way. The best of both worlds, top scoring schutzhund competitor and home/family protection all-in-one. He brings back the old-style heavy bone type along with awesome pigmentation. Tremendous working abilities and rock-solid nerve base.  Transitions between active and passive behavior perfectly on command. Special commendations from the Breed Survey: Dark sable, powerful head with dark eyes, full of expression, energetic and especially guidable with outstanding working ability. Especially recommended for the improvement of working character. Attained his SchH2 title with 98 in tracking, 97 in obedience and 99 points in protection for an overall excellent rating of 294. Highest SchH3 score is 100-93-96=289V. Qualified and competed at the 2016 BSP achieving an overall score of 270. His capacity to handle stress unparalleled. Calm and very dedicated to the track showing confident and self assured behavior solving difficulties on his own. Lightning quick in obedience executing the commands with absolute reliability. Shows outstanding drive and retrieving instinct for a ball. True power in protection with rock-solid grips along with tremendous fighting drive under any conflict. World class competition working line pedigree. Sire is the excellent rated Gerry as deer Zigeunerkuhle, son the world famous WUSV and BSP champion, Asko von der Lutter. Mother is V-Riva von den Wannaer Hohen, daughter of Uno vom Stadtfeld. This pedigree is tried and tested through generations and has proven to be a very dominant influence in our breeding program. Hips and elbows certified A1.


SG: Very Good; an official German show grade and the highest obtainable by dogs under two.
IPO3(V) International Masters level Schutzhund.(Excellent)
KKL: Survey class
2016 BSP (National Schutzhund Championship) Competitor
Gender: Male
DOB: 3/31/12

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