Nevada vom Gut Korten


Superior in both looks and performance! Highly trained, six times master level IPO3!  Beautiful dark sable. Medium size with powerful head and strong bones. Impeccable house manners, incredibly gentle  with children and gets along well with other dogs. Very, very easy to handle. Follows every obedience command. Loves to retrieve the ball and a total joy to be around.  Active and energetic in protection with amazing ability to transition from calm to active behavior on command. Comes from a world famous line of top performing schutzhund competitors. Truly a great example of the breed. Hips and elbows certified. For more information please call us at 360-623-0898. certified A1.


BH: Basic companion dog – traffic sureness
AD: The dog has passed an endurance test followed by a simple obedience test and physical examination
IPO1: International Novice Schutzhund trial qualification
KKL: Survey class 
GENDER: Female


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