Kimmi zur Krombach

Gorgeous red sable with spectacular black markings. Broad and powerful head with captivating expression. Looks like a male at first sight. Very good proportions with excellent substance. High level of trainability with outstanding work ethic. Naturally guidable, follows obedience commands without hesitation. Completely unshakable with nerves of steel. Wonderful behavior inside the home, as well as with children. Quick to perform obedience exercises with naturally good drive. Pronounced retrieving instinct and loves to play with a ball. Barking is strong and consistent showing great intensity in the hold and bark exercise. Full commitment at all times, demonstrating full and hard grips on the sleeve, out behavior is clean and crisp with tremendous guarding. Pedigree is from consistent top-performing schutzhund dogs from both East and West Germany known for optimum health and strength of character. Sire is the well-known solid black V rated BSP competitor Olex zur Krombach. Mother is Motte zur Krombach SchH3, IPO3. Hips certified A2.


SG: Basic companion dog – traffic sureness
BH: Basic companion dog – traffic sureness
AD: The dog has passed an endurance test followed by a simple obedience test and physical examination
IPO1: International Novice Schutzhund trial qualification
GENDER: Female

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