Freya vom Wulfs Wurf


Solid jet black with great looks and superb temperament. Very good proportions with strong head and powerful bones. Exceptionally well trained and extremely stable in any environment. Incredible drive to work, strives to please the handler with every command. Naturally guidable, always responsive with pronounced desire to perform. Able to transition easily from passive behavior to active behavior on command. Enthusiastic and enjoys working. Motivated drive for a ball, will perform the obedience exercises quickly over and over again expecting the reward. Relaxed and calm when inside the home. Consistent in protection with strong barking to alert to strangers. Pronounced rating of courage given to her by the judge in competition. Comes from a famous line of top performing, highly functional competitors. Sire is Enno de Lupo with lines to Kanto von der Agnesburg and Asko von der Lutter. Mother is Elly vom Wulfs Worf with lines to Hunter vom Schelnanturm and Olix vom Karthago. From the German Breed Survey: Dry and firm female with powerful head and good expression, good pigment with dark eye color, especially pronounced working qualities. Hips and elbows certified a1.


AD: The dog has passed an endurance test followed by a simple obedience test and physical examination
IPO1: International Novice Schutzhund
IPO2: International Intermediate Schutzhund
KKL: For this rating the dog must compete for titles in Germany or other countries under the rules of the SV 
Gender: Female


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