Dana vom Fuchsstein


Large black and tan with strong head, correct structure, great bone strength and fantastic muscle tone.  Self-confident with nerves of steel, nothing can shake her. Highly trainable, dependable and  very willing to respond to anything asked of her. Naturally social and sure in every situation. Shows natural desire to track with excellent desire to overcome and solve problems on her own. Loves to retrieve and play with a ball. Powerful and sure in protection, intimidating guarding with full hard grips on the sleeve. Well-known working line combination of top schutzhund performers known for optimum health and vitality. Hips and elbows certified a1.


AD: 12-1/2 mile endurance run followed by an obedience test and physical examination
BH: Off leash obedience – stress test and traffic sureness
IPG1: International Working Dog Test 
IPG2: Advanced International Working Dog Test
KKL: Surveyed & recommended for breeding

Gender: Female