V-Higgins von der Viewindenhōhe
  • Gender: Sire
  • Certifications: WB, AD, BH, IGP1, IGP2, IGP3, KKL
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Why We V-Higgins von der Viewindenhōhe

The only 2021 BSP (German national working dog championship) competitor in America! Big, hard-to-find true bi-color with outstanding color. Combining great looks with superior functionality. Rated excellent in both show and working competitions! Powerfully built with seldom seen broad strong head, heavy bone strength along with correct proportions. Sound and sure temperament, unshakable in every situation.  Rock-solid in every way, impossible to find fault, always full of self-confidence with nerves of steel. Shows impeccable manners inside and outside, loves children and has no interest in other dogs. Totally non-threatening character unless challenged,  will turn into a knock-down power house in protection if needed! True working character with great desire to perform. Highly ranked from all the judges awarding special breed worthiness comments. Original German Breed Report:  Strong pigment with great bone strength, very noticeably easy to handle, tremendous presence, and given the very rare breeding recommendation to improve all performance qualities. Should be used to improve symmetrical looks and desirable color. Shows his capacity to solve problems and concentrate with calm and methodical deep nose tracking technique. Highly dedicated to the handler, demonstrating natural guidability along with correct execution of the obedience exercises. Drive for the ball is exactly what it should be, will do anything for it and will always retrieve no matter where it is. Fantastic in protection, the more he is challenged the stronger he becomes. Grips are always full and very hard. Hardness and fighting drive especially pronounced.  Strong determination, comes like a freight train with tremendous impact on the long distance courage test. Not afraid to engage anywhere, anytime or any place. Comes from a long line of top performing BSP and WUSV competitors. Father is Bolle Ja NaKa, rate excellent in conformation and scored excellent at the WUSV World Championship. Mother is Hoope from absolutely famous working lines. Hips and elbows rated a1.