SG- Enja von Gawall
  • Gender: Dam
  • Certifications: AD, BH, IGP1, KKL
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Why We SG- Enja von Gawall

Very large black and brown with strong head and great overall structure. Rock-solid nerve base, self-confident and sure in everything she does. Absolutely trustworthy in every situation, perfect with children and other dogs. Loves to perform. Able to transition easily from totally calm and relaxed to active on command. Shows excellent play drive shown by high anticipation for the ball, retrieves great and executes the obedience exercises quickly and with strong determination. Highly determined in protection with great guarding and full hard grips on the sleeve. German Breed Report:Large, strong bones, substantial with powerful head. Especially pronounced self-confidence,highly recommended for the improvement of all ideal temperament qualities. Comes from famous top working bloodlines known for health, vitality and high level performance abilities, going back to greats such as Wilson vom Stadtfeld.. Hips and elbows certified a1.