Kraftwerk K9 approved to train veterans

Department of U.S. Veteran Affairs Approves Kraftwerk K9 to Train Veterans and Eligible Persons.

Authorized by the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board, State Approving Agency (SAA). Kraftwerk K9 is the only working dog training facility to be approved to train veterans and eligible persons.

Benefits of owning a Kraftwerk K9 Trained Dog

Kraftwerk K9 Unites IPO and Practical Protection

We at Kraftwerk K9 emphasize the practical application of our dogs within everyday life, not just on the competition field. We are constantly upgrading the leading edge of obedience and protection qualities of the German Shepherd Dog. Our team of experts use IPO trained dogs and prepare them to be family companions as well as protection specialists. Building on a long-standing foundation in IPO, we are now going a step further. The Maximum Versatility Protection Dog Challenge is a one-of-a-kind course only found at Kraftwerk K9. It is used to test IPO trained dogs even further, proofing their ability to protect under extreme environmental stressors and situations. In this way, our protection dogs are trained and tested to handle and overcome the most stressful, life-threatening situations. They can move just as swiftly and think just as clearly with or without the presence of a hostile weapon.

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