A Study in Perfection

By Ellen Mantel Pfann – German Shepherd Dog Review / July 2015

In a sport where it is a big accomplishment to pass a class and perhaps earn a title, every Obedience Team has one thing in common: each one of us steps into the Ring with a Perfect 200 Score. Deductions can start as early as teams cross the threshold. A touch to the collar prior to the start of the first exercise or a happy bark could cause an immediate deduction. Most never expect perfection. Obedience is hard, after all.

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Why are there no more KKL1 and KKL2 ratings?

A universal breed worthiness test

As of January 1st, 2012, the differences between KKL1 and KKL2 ratings were ended in favor of a universal breed worthiness test. Either the dog is breed worthy or not signified by KKL. The change was approved to promote functionality of dogs rather than just appearance. This new change makes KKL more difficult to achieve while leveling the playing field between “show” and “working” types, with more focus on the importance of functionality. This is a great step forward in returning the breed standard to its original, sturdier form, Kraftwerk’s standard from the beginning.