A New Breed Of Guard Dog

Original article: Volume 29, Issue 18 | May 3rd 2013 issue of Dog News

Newspaper stories about an executive protection dog that sold for $230,000 have piqued interest in a new breed of guard dog. Although other breeder/trainers selling similar tupe dogs ask substantially less for them, they still fetch hefty sums. For example, Wayne Curry sells protection dogs he breeds and trains at his Kraftwerk K9 Kennel in Rochester, WA for $40,000.

But, $40,000 is still a lot of money. What makes these dogs worth the price?

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Sport Dogs To Be Shown At Annual Trials In Centralia

ORIGINAL ARTICLE FROM Chehalis Wash Times – Wed July 28th 1993: Transcribed

 Photo Courtesy of Pantara Kennels German Shepherd BASKO, with his Owner/Trainer WAYNE CURRY, Centralia, Will compete with others of his breed in the Pacific Northwest Sport dog Club 20th Anniversary Conformation Show and Breed Survey in August. BASKO was recently featured on the cover of “DOG SPORTS” Magazine

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A Study in Perfection

By Ellen Mantel Pfann – German Shepherd Dog Review / July 2015

In a sport where it is a big accomplishment to pass a class and perhaps earn a title, every Obedience Team has one thing in common: each one of us steps into the Ring with a Perfect 200 Score. Deductions can start as early as teams cross the threshold. A touch to the collar prior to the start of the first exercise or a happy bark could cause an immediate deduction. Most never expect perfection. Obedience is hard, after all.

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Kraftwerk K9 approved to train veterans

Department of U.S. Veteran Affairs Approves Kraftwerk K9 to Train Veterans and Eligible Persons.

Authorized by the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board, State Approving Agency (SAA). Kraftwerk K9 is the only working dog training facility to be approved to train veterans and eligible persons.

TV Channel Q13 FOX NEWS at Kraftwerk K9

The German Shepherds that Wayne Curry trains at the Kraftwerk K9 training facility in Rochester are family pets with the tracking and fighting skills normally reserved for the dogs of elite military and police units around the world.

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Kraftwerk K9 Burglary Prevention Training

See what a finished Protection Trained German Shepherd Dog can do for you.

Kraftwerk K9 versatility dog trained in all scenarios. Calm and methodical in his work, only becomes active when given the command by his handler. Transitions perfectly from full power back to safe and sure behavior.