Tips for Preparing Your Home for a German Shepherd Puppy

The German shepherd is one of the world’s most recognizable breeds that is loved for its trainability and high intelligence. German Shepherds are powerful guard dogs that make great pets. However, raising a German shepherd puppy is not an easy task. Therefore, preparing your home for your pup’s arrival will help make the adjustment period shorter and smooth for your entire family. So, here are a few tips to help you prepare your home for your pup’s arrival.

1.   Purchase the Right Food and Create More Storage Space in the House

German Shepherds are highly energetic creatures that need a protein-rich meal, says Crazy Pet Guy. So instead of just purchasing any dog food available for puppies, look for a product that is perfectly formulated for German Shepherd pups, Kraftwerk K9 recommends ‘Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy Blend.’ The right food for German Shepherds should have everything your pup needs to thrive. You can also call the breeder and find out your pup’s favourite meal and snacks. Make sure you purchase more than enough food a few days before your puppy arrives and create a space for storing them in your home.

2.   Puppy-Proof Your Home

German Shepherd puppies are curious creatures that love putting their nose in everything around the house. So, the first thing you should do to keep your pup safe is puppy-proof your home. Puppy proofing your home can help you keep your new pet out of certain rooms in the house. You can use baby gates to keep your dog confined in a particular part of the house. You can also cover or replace all the electrical cords in the home. Make sure that human food and chemicals are out of your dog’s reach. Puppy proofing the house can make it easy for you to train your new pup.

3.   Build a Feeding Stand

Dogs are possessive creatures; therefore, your new pup cannot feed or drink water using just any bowl in the house. So, make sure you get some high-quality bowls for the new addition to your family. The bowls should be big enough to feed your dog for several years. Pick a unique location away from the family’s dining table. And instead of putting the bowls on the floor, you can even build a feeding stand for your new pup. A food stand can help you prevent food spillage and save you some cash in the end. Placing your pup’s bowls in a crowded place can make your puppy aggressive. It can even stress it out.

4.   Choose a Place Where Your Pup Will Be Eating From

Every dog needs a designated eating spot in the house where it will be enjoying its meals and water every day. Make sure you pick a place in the house with less traffic; after all, no pet loves eating in a high traffic place.

5.   Create More Space in Your Home for the Dog

Adopting a pet means creating room for an extra member of your family in the house. So, you will have to create some storage space for your dog’s leashes and dog food. You can build a rack in the house to hang all your pet’s leashes somewhere near the door. After all, one of the easiest things to misplace is your dog’s leashes. Finding it when your pup is itching for its walk can be quite tedious. You will also have to create space in the house for your pup’s bed and feeding space.

6.   Find Out Which House Plant Can Poison Your Pup and Get Rid of It

Some of the beautiful flowers and plants in the home can be poisonous to the new addition in your home. So, find out which house plants and flowers can affect your German Shepherd pup. And if the ones in your home are poisonous, you can replace them before your new pup arrives.

7.   Make Sure Your Backyard Has a High Fence

German shepherd pups are curious and energetic creatures that love playing in the backyard. One of the best ways to keep them from danger is by ensuring your backyard has a high fence. A high fence can help you keep your pet out of danger by keeping it from wandering out of your compound. If you plan on giving your pet free reign, then make sure your fence is high enough.

8.   Prepare Your Other Pets for the New Pup

Not every pet owner is a first-time dog owner. Most pet parents already have other animals in their home. Therefore, you should prepare a safe space for introducing your current pets to the new addition to your home. Remember, some pets don’t get along with a dog, so try and create a safe place in your home. If you own a cat, you can use a baby-proofing gate to keep your pup out of the cat’s space. After all, cats are territorial creatures that need their own space.

9.   Create a Dog Potty Area

A dog potty area can come in handy, especially when potty training your new pup. Look for a nice place in your compound with less traffic and build a potty area for your new dog. It can be a particular corner in your backyard.

10: Install a Pet Door

Dogs love playing in the backyard, and since you won’t be around to open the back door for it, you should install a pet door. A pet door can allow your dog to enter and leave the house at any time. Plus, if the potty region is in your backyard, a pet door can help you prevent your pup from soiling itself in the house.


Other than protecting us, a German Shepherd pup can bring joy into your life. As a pet parent, it’s up to you to make sure that it’s safe and well-taken care of. Make sure you pet-proof your home and create space for your new pup in the house before it arrives. Preparing your home before the pup arrives can make it easy for it to adjust to its new home.

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Cynthia Garcia
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